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9:10 PM

This past weekend my husband caught me off guard with a trip to the city for the weekend.  Granted, we basically live inside a different city so it wasn't much of a getaway, but sometimes it's nice to just not be at home for awhile.  The original plan was to see a concert in Chicago, but since that didn't work out, we went to a baseball game instead.  It was a fun and much needed date weekend for us!! While we were there we decided to scope out the local Sephora to see what they had.  My husband actually had to ask the sales clerk about these Nails Inc Sprinkles polishes.  It turns out that while they carry about six four in total, the only one they had of interest to me was this gem: Pudding Lane.  It's a blue jellyish base with blue and yellow glitter in it.  I was both impressed and also disappointed by this polish.  I'm impressed because I thought it would take more coats to be opaque (this is an easy two).  I'm disappointed that there is so MUCH glitter.  I guess I wanted a more sparse look so it would be more like a jelly sandwich and less like a whole load of glitter fell on my nails.  It actually reminds me a lot of an indie polish called Floam which I have also recently acquired (and will likely swatch soon).  Of course, Floam has smaller glitter and a clear base.  But the overwhelming glitter effect is the same.  I did like this look but on the downside, it required several coats of Seche Vite to be smooth and ultimately it peeled off within a day. :(  Lame.  I also hate it when glitters are so heavily laden that the glitters stick off the nail and make the edges jagged.  Although a bit more maneuvering on my part would have solved that problem!  Do you have any of these polishes?  Did you love them? 

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  1. There are 6 in the collection? I thought there were 4? Sweets Way and Sugar House Lane were my favorites :)

  2. My Sephora associate told me six but I'm looking and I think you're right! Goes to show I should do my research instead of trusting the store!!

  3. Love this and want these! Glad you had a fun little vaca:)


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