It's My Way on the Runway

6:28 PM

It's time for another Project Runway design!! This week was a group challenge and from the moment the challenge was announced there was tension among designers.  I realized again this week why I really HATE Elena.  She tried to control every aspect of EVERYTHING and was a real hindrance to her team.  I felt like Nathan's design was one of the worst and yet, his team chose to throw Gunnar under the bus for his dress rather than stating the obvious; Nathan's pants were a HOT mess.  Also, this is the first time I've even noticed Nathan and really, that's not a good thing!!  I hated the whole silk charmeuse idea and I thought the pattern was kind of lame.  While Raul's top was kind of a mess I disagreed that it was office inappropriate.  I'd have been much more comfortable in the office all day in a ruffled top with a nice pencil skirt than a pair of ridiculous dress/pants which make my crotch look like it's hiding a BIG secret and a silky resort wear top.  Although I did see the point that an older woman might be more comfortable in Nathan's ensemble than a younger one.  I chose to do my design based on the winning gown by Melissa. 

I watched this episode two days before I did the art and for some reason I was thinking the blue was much brighter so you can see that the color is all wrong.  BUT I still like the way they turned out.  The back of the dress had a zipper running up it in a kind of wavy pattern which I could not find a picture of for the life of me.  While I loved this dress I also felt that it wasn't really work appropriate.  It's just a bit too much for most offices!  I hope you're all enjoying the series!

Don't forget to check out Emma and Jewli's blogs to see what they came up with this week!

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  1. Love it! I agree that the dress wasn't totally work appropriate. I also agree, who the heck is Nathan and why haven't I noticed him before? As much as I hate Elena I also like her and I don't know why! haha! :)


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