Put Your Dupes Up: Rare & Radiant vs. Just the Spotted Lizard

12:38 PM

It's time for another edition of Dupes Up! This weeks contenders:
China Glaze Rare & Radiant
Retail Cost: $5.99
OPI Just The Spotted Lizard
Retail Cost: $8.50

The other day my husband surprised me by purchasing the entire China Glaze Bohemian collection for me.  It was a nice gesture, though I have to say I'm fairly dissapointed in the collection as a whole.  That aside, when I got them swatched I realized that one of them was VERY similar to another polish I already have!  So I decided to swatch them together and see if I was right.  You can see that in the bottle the two look exactly the same, thought the China Glaze seems a bit more coppery owing to the bottle shape. So how do they look on the nails?
L to R: China Glaze, OPI, China Glaze, OPI

You guessed it: exactly the same.  The formula is very similar on these as well. The China Glaze was a hair thinner but the application was the same.  This is two coats of each.  Obviously the OPI has a larger brush and the China Glaze is a bit easier to obtain but other than those differences, these are exact dupes. Exact.  I'm not really sad about owning two of these because it's a lovely color and neither color is core so now I sort of have a back up!!  But if you were searching for the OPI you can now buy the China Glaze and save yourself the silly online prices or the hassle of hunting it down!

Verdict: Dupes.

Availability: OPI Just the Spotted Lizard was part of the SpiderMan collection and has limited availability at Ulta and drugstores where OPI is sold.  China Glaze Rare & Radiant is to be released in August at Sally Beauty locations nationwide and will also be available online and at Ulta.

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  1. these are my favourite posts of yours xxx

  2. you have saved me so much money with these dupe posts, thank you!

  3. I cannot tell the difference and you did not give up a clue as to which nail has the OPI and which have the ChG!!!! I figured with all the other Peridot dupes, ChG had to come out with one too...they have some folks who only buy/use ChG and of course there are anti OPI folks that buy ChG. So I am sure this one will sell for ChG. But ya know I did not jump on the Peridot bandwagon - it glowed too strong gold in a lot of hand turns when I tried it and I so don't like gold foil glitters. The green was not enough in Peridot...and I like Lizard - go figure! I can tell I don't need the blue in this Bohemia - have plenty that look like it. The lighter gold-shine pink is too much like a Deb. Lip I have. I want to like the teal but every metallic teal I get I look horrible in - creams I can wear. Maybe the purple will come home with me. I am going to Sally's this Sat. Will see.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Both are good dupes for Chanel's peridot!


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