Did you know...

11:11 AM

...hangnails are actually caused by improper cuticle care?

Many people think that lack of moisture causes hangnails and while that is sometimes the case, it's more often improper care that causes them.  Aggressive pushing, improper cutting techniques, or lack of care causes your cuticles to split, tear and grow up the nail plate.  

Want to know how to avoid and treat hangnails?  Look out for this week's rehab post!! 

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  1. Hmm, good to know!
    I'll look forward to your post :)

  2. YAY! Exactly what I need!! Hangnails are the only remaining thing that annoys me about my nails. I've tried moisturizing every day, doing cuticle care every time I take my polish off, everything I've read about so far, but I still have those annoying hard ridges of skin on the sides of my nails that I keep having to trim when they curl upwards.


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