There's no wrong way to wear a mani...

3:43 PM

...and we're about to see just how true that is!!  It's theme week over at The Crumpet and the theme is red.  Debbie has graciously allowed me to join her in red week and that means you're in for a week of red nail art.  I NEVER ever use red, even though I have tons of them so this is going to be a little outside my box!  But hopefully you'll enjoy the series anyway. :)  To further challenge myself over the next five days I've added a little bit of an extra rule to my red week: adding only and no removing.  That means that what you see today is the base for what will happen over the next five days.  I won't be removing anything from my nails I'l only be adding to the design.  It seems like an easy plan and it is for the first three or so days but when you get to day four and five it starts to get a bit tricksy!  I've started here with a GORGEOUS red, Orly Grave Mistake.  I added a few gold dots in random patterns with Orly Luxe.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see what I add to this artwork!!   Don't forget to check out the other ladies participating in Red Week!!

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  1. I really dig this manicure! the dots are so cute!

  2. wow Bee your nails look amazing since you left the shop!! (now I'm going to have to try red, hunh?)

  3. I never wear red by itself lol looks too old so I always complement it with nail art, love the gold dots it goes well with it

  4. Dots always look fantastic! Gorgeous mani :)


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