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5:00 AM

This is a technique I've seen a few times and I've been wanting to try it out but just hadn't gotten around to it.  It's basically a softer, more subtle, more modern version of your classic French mani.  I love how clean a great French manicure can make your nails look but I also think that they can look really dated.  Color choices are also a MAJOR part of what makes your French look wicked posh versus horrific flashback.  There are also a million and a half ways to wear a French and now with glittery tips and colored tips and everything else it's just endless the things you can do with one.  For me this was a really nice change.  It does give off the appearance of a French manicure but it's so much softer and it looks really fashion forward.  It's professional AND fun. :)  I jazzed this up ever so slightly with a gem stone and after I did it I wished I hadn't but what can you do? :P Thanks for following along! Have you tried this look?

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  1. I love that look, the polish choices, and the softness of it. I understand about the whole French tip thing. I've never cared for it much. I don't like the stark white tips with natural nail look. I have seen some that use a sheer pink on the nail bed - I like that look better. With this look, also, the tips can be longer without looking weird (one of my pet peeves about classic French tip is a lot of tip).


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