Swatch This! Butter London Fiddlesticks

5:00 AM

Here's a little swatch post for you! Haven't done one of these in a bit so I thought I might start again. Originally the intention was to swatch my entire collection and weed out dupes and colors I don't wear or won't wear.  I'm not sure that's really a viable option at this point -- especially as I'm in the midst of a move -- but it's still a great way to see the pretty colors I have. :P  So this one is Butter London Fiddlesticks.  I believe it was a holiday release but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the collection.  It came out in 2012 along with a plethora of other glittery shades.  This is a perfect shade for fall and for the upcoming holidays so it's definitely a keeper!! What do you think? Do you have Fiddlesticks?

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  1. I do have this... I never wear my BLs...not sure why, but I should/will!


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