The Princess and the Pea

5:00 AM

It's day two of our Re-creation Week with the Digital Dozen and for today's look we're going back to Fairytales week!! I remember being absolutely TERRIFIED of that week!! It seems like an easy theme until you try to put tiny princesses on your nails! :P  I knew I couldn't finish this week without doing something by the amazing Debbie of The Crumpet.  She's the reason I get to be in this crazy amazing group and I knew right off I wanted to do a tribute mani to her.  I thought this one was a great choice because we often joke about my own little princess -- The Duchess of Chunk-- and her pillow situation.  I did mine a bit different and I think my princess had some issues BUT all in all I rather liked this one!! You can head over to The Crumpet and check out Debbie's version and then let me know if you think I did alright on it! ;P  Check out more re-creations below!

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