Simple Leopard

5:00 AM

Today I have a nice, simple leopard design for you!  I actually rock leopard quite a bit of the time and I often wear a neutral leopard design like this on my right hand and then change up the designs on my left hand.  Leopard goes with just about everything (or goes with absolutely EVERYTHING!) so it works for me since I'm not able to do quite as many intricate things on my right hand and I don't always  have time to do both hands anyway!  This one was super extra sparkly which means it lasted forever, was GORGEOUS and was an absolute nightmare to remove!! I both love and hate glitter! Anyway I hope you enjoy this design!! I'm on holiday next week but there will be loads of posts so don't miss them! :)

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  1. What polishes did you use? It is so pretty. As far as glitter goes, I found the plastic clips that hold cotton down on your nails, the ones that look like little fishes eating your fingers - hahaha - (keep them on 4-5 minutes and take off, glitter easily removed) and now don't give glitter polish a thought as to removal difficulty. I like my clips so much I even use them for creme removal. So easy peasy.


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