Arrows, Mustaches, and Dots!

5:00 AM

Today I have a re-creation for you that was pretty tricky!  I really loved this mani from A Girl and Her Polish but that struggle I told you about on day one...yeah that one REALLY came into play here. See, I don't actually have a mustache stamp.  Or rather, I do have one but it makes GINORMOUS mustaches and I needed little tiny one. get this.  This mash-up of large and little stache.  I actually loved the way this came out although the original is arguably better and far more precise.  I love the way Katee can put patterns on patterns like a boss so I'm extra proud that I even attempted this. That stuff can go so badly so quickly!! At any rate, you know the drill!! Click the link, check out the original and leave your thoughts below! Try not to judge me too harshly ;P  Check out more re-creations below!!

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