The Digital Dozen DOES...Recreations!!

5:00 AM

This week is kind of an interesting week with The Digital Dozen! That's because this week you're going to see alot of our old mani's but in a new way! The challenge this week is to re-create art from other members done in previous challenge weeks.  I'll be honest and say I had a rough time with this for a few reasons. One being that we all have such different styles and skills and while that's something I really love about the also makes it really hard to choose art to attempt!! Two being that I have WAY less stamps and brushes than a lot of people in our group (something I'm working on!). Three being that when you're recreating someone's art that you love you want to do it justice and I'm not so sure that I did! Lol...but hopefully they're not too hideous. If you haven't already put two and two together, the above art came from Nature Week over at Adventures in Acetone.  I love so many of Jacki's mani's  but I chose this one because it seemed the most accessible to me AND because I love doing leopard!! This is also a bit of a two in one (turns out I have two of those this week!) since the art she did was based on a tutorial from Idiots Guide: Nail Art by our very own Lacquerologist! :P  Head on over to her blog by clicking the link to see her original design. Then let me know if you think I did it any justice! :)  Check out some more re-creations below!!

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  1. I am so honored you have recreated this!! It turned out beautifully!! xoxo

  2. So beautiful! You did this fun manicure justice! :D

  3. Looks awesome! It was so hard to chose mani's to re-create; you are right; so many different styles and levels of awesomeness!

  4. This looks amazing!!! I love how it came out!


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