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5:00 AM

Today I have something SO fun for you guys!! I've started a new challenge called Forty Great Nail Ideas with The New Crumpets Nail Tarts.  Way back in the day I was part of the original Purple Fairy Crumpets and this is basically that group revamped (although with other upgrades in between!!).  So I'm super excited to be back with the Nail Tarts and this challenge is extra cool because it's going to run for the full length of the YEAR.  So you'll get to see some really fun art from me and loads of other ladies once a week!  Our first challenge was to do a mani based on hobbies.  I have SO many hobbies that it was a little tricky to choose one and on top it's sort of difficult to translate hobbies onto your nails sometimes.  I decided to choose yoga though.  I started with yoga about five years ago and I didn't love it.  I did it like, twice or something and then stopped.  I've always been very active and I love sports and working out and it was just way too...low energy for me.  Not that it isn't work because it is but it's sort of more relaxing than something that will pump you up.  Then about a year ago I went back to it as a 'break' from my regular high energy workouts so that I could do less lengthy workouts during the week and spread them over seven days.  Now with my CFS it's really the only thing I'm able to handle ALL the time and adding it to my daily workouts has made a huge difference in how much I'm able to do on a standard day.  I guess you could say I've grown to love it. :P  Anyway this is a layered splash marble technique with some fun yoga symbols on top. I hope you enjoy the mani and don't forget to check out the other ladies mani's below!! 

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