Bare Trees

5:00 AM

OK we're going ALL the way back to December of 2014 for a re-creation from Hannah at The Dalai Lamas Nails.  This came from our Winter Wonderland theme week.  Now...I LOVE Hannah's art.  I fangirl HARD over her blog but let's face the facts here; I'm no Dalai Hannah.  I actually chose THREE other designs of hers first and failed hard core at all three. Then I arrived at this one and thought...OK maybe I can handle that.  I've actually done tree mani's before and really hated them but I think this came out rather decent!  I used two tones of gray and light brush strokes to try to give it some depth and a little more of a bark like feel where I think the original was more of a silhouette kind of thing but overall I think this turned out great. You can head over to Hannah's blog by clicking the link AND don't forget to drool over her other mani's while you're there!! More re-creations can be found below!! :) 


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