Neon Sunset

6:18 PM

So recently I decided to try out a splatter mani.  I started with a white base and then splattered Orly Glowstick, a ridiculously bright yellow, over the top.  But...I didn't love it. It was too subtle and the splatter wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be.  So I decided to play with putting something over the top to mask the messy splatter and salvage my mani!  I ended up with these stripes.  I started with horizontal stripes but after I got two on I decided I didn't love it so I went with diagonal and then decided I liked the look of the contrasting stripes and the neon boldly peeking through the cracks!  This was one that even caught my husbands attention so I know I did something right! :P  Have you tried a splatter mani?

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  1. i love that nail polish ^^

  2. Really nice save of what might have been a 'need to destroy ASAP' mani. Sometimes these additions in attempt to save make things worse.Yours here came out great. I need to get a wider assortment of brushes to use on my nails - just depending on a few really thin stripping brushes and things like bottle brushes in Stripe Rite is not enough.


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