The Hungry Asian: Twenty Ten

9:21 PM

Today I have another swatch for you!  I'm really working on my swatching but I have a sort of sub-par camera and I'm not really interested in upgrading it anytime soon!! So instead I'm experimenting with different lighting and modes on the camera I have.  Hopefully you can all see the improvement!  At any rate this is a Hungry Asian polish called Twenty Ten.  She describes the polish as:

"...small square red glitter, micro-fine and small blue hex glitter in a sheer black base. This color was one of my first ever made, it has had a few versions over the last couple of years and I am quite happy with this final one."

...and that's pretty accurate.  It's definitely a jelly polish and it's fairly sheer on the first two coats.

This is three coats in natural light.  I really love the formula on this.  Even though it's pretty packed with glitter it's not thick or lumpy and the glitter spreads pretty evenly on the nail without having to "place" it like you do with some glitters. On the downside, it didn't dry to a very shiny finish and it was a little bit gritty.  Not a crazy amount or even an amount which was unexpected given the amount of glitter in the polish. Still, a topcoat is necessary with this polish.  I used one coat of Seche Vite and it dried smooth as glass so it's nothing you need anything special to conquer!

Here's a macro shot so you can see all the glitters!

Gorgeous, isn't she?  You can see on the macro too that there is a little bit on VNL but on the far shots you'll notice that it's not incredibly obvious from a distance.  I personally LOVE jellies so a bit of VNL is nothing that bothers me but I'm sure this would also be lovely over a few coats of black creme.  (I did three coats on all pictures).  Overall I really loved this polish!  It's fun, pretty, and easy to layer or use as a fun topcoat.  I'd certainly purchase more Hungry Asian polishes!

Thanks for following! Do you have any Hungry Asians?

Hungry Asian is an indie polish brand available on Etsy at:  They retail for $9.25 for full sized bottles and $4.50 for a mini.

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