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 It's time for another Monkey See Monkey Do Monday!! But before I get onto the art work I want to introduce you to one of my most favorite polishes!  It's Catrice In The Bronx.  In the Bronx is a bronze-y, coppery, shimmery delicious polish which is an absolute dream to work with.  It's a metallic, which is great but it's not flat like some other metallics I have (Barry M Foils, I'm looking at you).  Instead it's laced with endless amounts of shimmer and it's just gorgeous in the sun AND in the shade.  This is two coats of it and you'll notice that there's no streaks, no balding and a wonderful shiny finish.  It's just amazing and it ranks in my top ten polishes in my collection.  Yeah. I love it THAT. much.  So what better a choice for my Monday mani?  For this Monday I wanted to do something subtle (I know, never!) and I wanted to try out a new technique I've seen floating around the blogger world.  Cling wrap heard that right.  Cling wrap.  This is actually REALLY easy and it looks great but it's a bit tricky the first go round.  Here's my mani:

I used Catrice In the Bronx for my base and then I topped it with Seche Vite (cause I'm super impatient!) and let it dry for roughly 30 minutes (just to be sure!).  Then I added a single coat of Orly Green With Envy.  Then I used a wadded up plasic bag (I didn't have any cling wrap) to press lightly into the polish, thus lifting off parts of the green.  I did one nail at a time and wiped the plastic in between with a paper towel so I could reuse it.  I also only pressed once per nail although I've seen people use smaller pieces to press numerous times.  The only advice I really have is to press gently and to realize that the polish will spread as it dries so even though gaps look pretty big when you initially press, they'll close up some.  My pinkie was the first nail I did and I used a lighter touch with the others but you can see the difference in effect.  It's something I'd definitely like to do more with in the future!!!  Here's the original inspiration:

It comes from Jems from Jenny. She used a more red toned base and a brighter green, but the effect is the same.  These are so easy! It's definitely art that anyone can do and it only takes a few minutes which is another big plus!  Have any of you done cling wrap nails?

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  1. this is beautiful and that catrice polish is a huge lemming of mine! argh! it looks beautiful on you!

  2. I have yet to try a cling wrap mani, but you just made me want to try one. :-)

  3. ahhh gorgeous! Another one to try, thanks for this, Bee!

  4. Simply gorgeous and antique-y looking!

  5. I tried this and on impulse just dabbed over and over again. I didn't like the look but I will definitely try again and just dab once or twice. This looks great and so does the original.

  6. turned out so well!

  7. That looks great! Kind of like a copper patina!


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