Monkey See Monkey Do Monday: Sold Out Seventies

7:00 AM

It's time for another Monkey See Monkey Do Monday challenge!!  This week I chose a design from a French blogger named Camille.  Her designs are mostly simple but also very stunning!  You can read her awesome blog in English but I prefer to read it in French! :P  So don't let the language barrier stop you from checking out her page!  At any rate I didn't have the two polishes Camille used in her design so I chose to use Catrice Sold Out Forever and Barry M Block Orange.  It had a very seventies sort of boho vibe to me.  I really had to resist adding some additional details and I also simplified a bit by doing only one accent nail versus her two!  I do like the contrast of colors on hers better.  She used a more red-orange and a green which was a bit warmer.  But I still loved the look on me!  Thanks for following along!!

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