Peachy Sheen Glitter Queen

7:00 AM

I'm so so in love with peaches this summer.  I have no idea why because for a long time I avoided them like the plague.  They seem to scream "old woman!" to me...but ever since someone sent me a gorgeous coral-y Leighton Denny called Hepburn, I can't get enough.  I also love that peach tones look great with my skin tone and they're soft and girly but not pink or red!  I was itching to use my other new Tokidoki polish this week so I decided to sponge it over another color in the hopes that glittery tips would hold up at work (which they actually did!).  The Tokidoki polish, Savana, is gold and pink microglitter but I was really hesitant to use pink for the base so I decided instead on this peachy color from Barry M.  It came out looking absolutely magical.  I love it!  The pink micro glitter is just soft enough that it doesn't clash with the peach and the effect was super soft and just a little bit flashy!  It also has a bit of a vintage vibe to me, which you know I love!  I hope you all enjoy and thanks for following!!

Colors used:
Tokidoki Savana
Barry M Peach Melba

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  1. The phrase "think happy thoughts" is running through my head as I'm look at this. It's beautiful! Very well done :)

  2. It's very pretty and sophisticated, Bee!


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