Spot me a tenner?

8:18 PM

So by now I'm sure you've all heard of the elusive OPI Spotted polish.  It was a limited release, only available at  For whatever reason, in the US (and all other countries to my understanding) we got saddled with yet ANOTHER shatter polish (though, admittedly a pretty sparkly teal!) to go alongside our Spiderman collection.  Yet France got this amazing gem.  It's not really a shatter but it definitely has a sort of similar 'spread' effect on the nails.  One thing I learned very quickly with this polish is that it definitely doesn't apply like shatter!  Spotted is VERY thin and if you use more than a bit it runs all over the place.  You can't just apply it either. In order to get the best spots you need to repeatedly run the brush over the wet polish until you get a nice amount of little bubbles.  They do change a tiny amount as well as the polish dries.  But despite a bit of a learning curve, I'm totally loving the effect on the nails!  I tried it over several things including neons!! But I think I liked it best over this duo-chrome, also from the Spiderman collection, called Just the Spotted Lizard.  An apparent dupe for Chanel Peridot, this polish shifts from green to gold and it looked SUPER cool under the spotted. VERY lizard like!  

Thanks for following! Do you like Spotted more than Shatter?

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  1. Gorgeous!! I really hope this polish becomes easier to get :)

  2. I don't think it will be released in the States any time soon due to the ingredients :/ I saw this over a sparkly red and I was gorgeous.

  3. girl we did the exact same post, but mine was monday. lol it is a great combo though.

  4. I think OPI is going to be off their rockers if they don't whip this up for a broader release. If they don't get it out there first, you KNOW another company will. I don't like shatters/crackles - never have- but I love the way this looks over lots of colors.

  5. soooooo tempted, but i'll just stick with a BRAVO! x


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