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...your nails need to be conditioned regularly?  Think about this:  how many times do you wash your hair without using a conditioner after?  What about this:  how many times do you wash your hands without using cuticle oil after?  Your nails are made out of the same thing as your hair and they need conditioning just the same!  It's difficult to try to use oil every single time you wash your hands and lotions just don't cut it so aim for twice a day to keep nails looking and feeling healthy!  If you're wearing polish, you should be using a cuticle oil with carrier oils so that the oil will penetrate the polish and do your nails some good (I like Avoplex from OPI or Solar Oil from CND).  Here's a quick and easy way to keep hands AND nails looking great!

You'll need:
Cuticle Oil
 (use a good moisturizing lotion like those made by Hempz OR sub a rich shea butter or other pure moisturizer.  Try to avoid cheap lotions which contain mostly alcohol and are drying to the skin)

Hold your hand palm up with all fingers bent inwards towards your palm.  (Just like how I take my pics!!)  Now swipe or drop cuticle oil over all your fingers and your thumb.  Using the tip of your thumbs, work the cuticle oil into your fingers (remember this is for your nails AND the skin around them so be sure to include all of it!). Then use your finger tips to rub the oil into your thumb.  Your hands should never leave the position they're in while your doing this!!  Continue for a few minutes until most of the oil is absorbed and then apply the lotion as you normally would.  Voila!  Beautiful nails AND hands!

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  1. Olive oil is also perfect (and so cheap!) for this. If my nails are a bit dried out from swimming as well, I'll give them a soak in olive oil for a while too...

    1. Grapeseed oil is also a cheap and effective alternative!! Just make sure you aren't oiling wet nails! If they're saturated with water they can't absorb the oil!! :)

  2. i love it when you do "the science bit" xxx another awesome post

  3. I have been for years, a huge fan (and user) of Barielle nail strengthening cream, followed by their Intensive Renewal Nail Oil - both which you can get at Sally's in the Barielle Pro line sold there - but also can get them from BArielle direct too. I try others and always come back to this being what works best for me. This is my night time combo because it's heavy - I will use the oil during the day/eve if I am going to be where I am not in need to picking up something or using my hands for 10 mins so the oil can really work in. But I have a few other oils I use chronically and constantly during the day to hydrate, hydrate my nails...they will peal if I don't keep up. I like for a fast day thing, Calif Mango I think it's called (I am in the hospital right now and don't have it with me). I also like the one with the pen/brush from OPI in their Aveoplex line - easy to put in your purse and not have it spill. I also keep a tin of this and that around as well as others as ready gift giving items for men that I know will use 'em as well as women. My doc I just gave him a tin of a wonderful olive oil one when he was looking at my ankles and excused himself that his cuticles looked so bad! And they did - but he knew it! Also being a doc and touching patients a lot, that's a real breading place for him to get something as well as give someone else something! I think the olive oil tins I get at a shope called Just Olive is great stuff. I also get one that is in large part made with English lavender oil from a lavender farm close to where I live. Good reminder and maybe a bit of a shove for some of your readers to remember ya just gotta use oils and lotions on your hands and nails! I also steer clear of those hand sanitizers because they are horrible for your skin and nails. I look for sanitizers that are lotion like. There is one sold at Walgreens by Merlot - (like the wine) and it's made with grapeseed oil. I also will in a pinch use a Gold Bond lotion hand sanitizer - it has a pump and it's good to leave in my car. At home I spend the $$$ to buy good hand soaps so I am not stripping my skin on my hands with washing. I also really like to use lighter moisturizing oils like Jose Maran's Aragon Oil in place of a lotion post hand washing. It drinks into my skin fast so no wait time really with it.

    1. HOLY JESUS that is more or less a blog post in response to a blog post calm down people

  4. beachgal, you must have a huge budget for products- that would be a week's groceries for my family if I bought all those things!

  5. "Your hands should never leave the position they're in while your doing this!" What's the reason for keeping them in that position? I'm curious!


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