Happy Birthday Crumpet!

9:25 AM

Today is a special day for the nail blogging world!! That's because today is one of my very best polish buddies, Debbie of The Crumpet's birthday!  To celebrate her birthday with her, I've done up some very Crumpety purple nails!  If you follow Debbie, you probably already know that in honor of her special day, it's purple week on her blog! So what better way to celebrate with her than with this gorgeous holo purple from A-England.  I know what you're thinking...holo?  Yeah...well it seems the weather decided to celebrate England style 'cause there's not a drop of sunny sunshine to be found.  This is Lady Of the Lake though, and if you Google some swatches of her, be prepared to drop about £9 on a bottle.  You won't be able to resist!!  I used a Lilac Plate stamp to add some little candies and ice cream cones to the accent nail.  It felt a shame not to add some fun birthday flare, but it's also a crying shame to cover the beautiful Lady!  All my colors used are English as well. 'Cause anything worth doing, is worth doing right!!  Seriously though, if you haven't checked out her blog yet, please do.  It's very worth the look and you can leave her some birthday wishes!! 

Colors used: A-England Lady of the Lake, Barry M Silver Foil, Lilac Plate A01, Seche Vite topcoat.

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  1. thank you thank you thank you SOOOO much - perfect choice, and really touched that you did this xxxx LOVE xx

  2. Love it! And Happy Birthday Debbie!

  3. very nice , happy bday Debbie!


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