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7:00 AM

This is a quick look I put together with some of my new Zoya colors. I'm REALLY loving Payton, a deep wine sort of purple with holographic glitter throughout. You can't see the holo effect in this picture but it's just a beautiful fall color in sunlight or shade.  I threw Tomoko over the accent nail which is another of my must have fall colors. It's not quite silver but not quite gold either. I'd call it a champagne but I feel like it almost leans just a touch too silver for that as well. Either way it's like a foil-y, shimmery, metallic-y matte. It's just stellar. This is two coats so you can see that it's also quite opaque.  I really love these textured polishes as a topper for the standard glossy finishes.  I think the contrast is really stunning! What do you think of Tomoko and Payton? Have you picked them up yet?

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