A Tribute to Work, Play, Polish

7:00 AM

Today's post is bittersweet. For quite some time now we've had Leslie, of Work, Play, Polish, as a fixture in The Digital Dozen.  It's been such a joy to have her in the group. She does AMAZING art and she's always so sweet and supportive. But sadly, all good things must come to an end and  Leslie has had to leave the group. I certainly wish her all the best and even though she won't be posting with The Digital Dozen anymore, I'll be following along her amazing blog every month anyway! Today I wanted to join up with the other girls in the group and give Leslie a proper goodbye!  So I've recreated a mani Leslie did for Love and Heartbreak week with The Digital Dozen! I hope I did it a little bit of justice. You can see her original design below...


And please don't forget to check out her amazing blog at www.workplaypolish.com!!

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  1. Lovely manicure and a lovely way to pay tribute. Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Beautiful job! I almost did this one too!


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