Happy Thanksgiving!

1:39 PM

Well for those of you who reside in the US of A, today is Thanksgiving! Mostly that means food, family, parades and of course, being thankful!! I have A LOT to be thankful for this year.  I have a new job, which I love. I'm moving to a new city soon, which I could not be more excited for! My family and friends are healthy and happy! I could go on but it's Thanksgiving and...let's face it there is FOOD to be eaten!! Here are my quickie festive nails for today! I've got  a lot going on so I wanted something quick, simple, and easy to transition into fall in case I don't get time to change them!

I used Zoya Flyyn for my base on these and then added a bunch of different colors to create the waterfall! I really considered a matte top coat but since I'm doing some cooking and cleaning today I didn't want to risk chips. This is the FIRST Thanksgiving day I've had off in about 13 years so I'm NOT going to waste it doing touch-ups!

I hope you all enjoy them! Happy Thanksgiving to all my US followers!! :) I hope it's a day full of family, friends, and fun!

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  1. Hello!
    This nail art looks also really nice!
    I love your blog and the nail arts that you make look just beautyfull! :)

    Xx julia (creativenails4fun)

  2. looks almost mlitary to me. your hands and nails are stunning


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