Orange Punch

7:00 AM

So let me start by saying I am not in love with this look!  It was inspired by Helen's models nails for a Project Runway challenge.  I liked the idea of the bright orange and white on bare nails and then the contrast of the black outline. BUT...her model had stiletto nails and while I normally think it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, in this case I think it really did.  The black square line at the top just sort of stunts it and for mostly that reason I didn't love it.  But I had fun doing it!  How do you feel about this look?

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  1. I think I would like it better without the black outline. The orange marble look is really cool. By the way, I feel a little dumb asking but what are toilette nails?

    1. Haha!! It's my stupid auto correct's version of "stiletto"! Thanks for pointing it out! :)

  2. It definitely has some cool stuff going on!

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