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So it's not really a secret that I've been on the hunt for some new art brushes. I usually just hit up my local art supply store, grab some random brushes and go.  But I'm trying to do more flat art (freehand) in more intricate patterns and good quality paint brushes can be expensive.  So when Born Pretty offered me the opportunity to review their 15pc brush set, I jumped on it.  The set actually contains 14 brushes in various sizes and a little dotting tool. I thought the dotter would be a throwaway since I already have 11 different sizes but it turns out I actually didn't already have one this size so it worked out! Here's a close-up of the brush heads:

The fan brushes I've just learned to really use over the pat year and the sizes they offer in this set seem SUPER similar if not the same but I love the results you can get with them so I'm excited for new ones. From right to left after the white fan we have the small dotter, a nice long striper brush, a shorter and slightly fatter striper, four various sizes of smaller art brushes and then three smaller square brushes, a fine detail brush with an angled handle, and then two wider large square brushes.   I've already used most of these and they're really nice, especially for the price. They also clean easily. I really love that the smaller detail brush also has a fat handle so it's easier to make more intricate designs with it. You can see that a little more easily in the picture at the top.  Here is a size comparison of the smallest and largest thin brushes:

This small brush is the one with the angled handle.  You can see though, that the smallest is quite small and there is a lot of variation here so that makes it really easy to do almost any design!  I was going to test these all out for you but I've already used them in so many designs so I'm just going to show you some of what you can achieve with them instead. If you're looking for a good brush set, I can highly recommended this set. It's not super pricey, it has a lot of variation and they hold up well.

Here's a peek at what you can do with these! 

I used the long striper brush to make this design!

 A small square brush was used for the giraffe and a small detail brush for the tiger and leopard.

I used the fatter striper for this desgin!

The fan brush was used to make the stripes on the "pumpkin" for this design!

I'm STILL using these and I love them! I can't wait to see what else I can create with these!

You can purchase this set here:


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  1. Awesome designs! I have this set too, and I love it!

  2. they look great. i somehow fail at cleaning my nailpolish brushes. the get hard after using them, even though i am drenching dem in polish remover


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