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12:34 PM

Today's mani is a quick Halloween look I threw together at the last minute for work. I had done pumpkin art earlier in the week but I wanted a change that was still festive but I could wear a little longer without it screaming Halloween!! I went with this simple glitter gradient.  Now, I LOVE gradient nails BUT they are a bit time consuming and sort of a pain to do.  You need the colors, a sponge, top coat, something to mix the polish on....sometimes a toothpick or something to mix them up with, depending on the method. Then there's all the globbing of the polish and the waste. No thanks. I didn't have time for that!! So I want to show you a different method which takes WAY less time and requires nothing more than your polishes.  This works best with glitter since it's not an exact science and the glitter sort of muddles the gradient a bit. It does work with regular polishes as well though. You'll need a clear polish (NOT A TOPCOAT) if you choose that method. So here we go!!

First polish your nails with the base color. I used Lime Crime Peaches <3 Cream. Let that fully dry (or even better, use this to spruce up an old mani which is chipping at the tip!).  Then, take your second color (I've used Color Club Wham Pow) and just brush it roughly at the tip, almost like a French. Don't worry about neatness, you're just going to spread it out anyway.  Last, take the glitter polish* (or clear polish. DO not use a top coat and be sure to wipe the brush between nails) And, starting about 1/3 of the way down the nail, begin to brush it on towards the tip. Each time you take another stroke, you'll see the second color pull and spread down the nail! Easy as that! Top coat and done. Fast, easy and mess free! :)

*for my glitter polish, I used China Glaze Boo-Gie Down

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  1. LOVE this, it's so pretty, I'll be using your tutorial as well, I always struggle with glitter gradients:(

  2. Glitter gradients are the best! Love yours;)

  3. Loved your nails and the nail art too :)))

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