Who Are You Wearing? November Edition

7:00 AM

Today's Who are you Wearing feature I'm doing a little differently.  Above you can see the inspiration nails and while I love the design the colors are not exactly my cup of tea.  Usually I simply recreate the look to a T but this week I wanted to show you how you can take a celebrity look and make it wearable for other occassions.This look isnt' super loud but I work in an office so the bright colors are a little much.  As a result...I took this look and recreated it in a pastel color pattern...

See the difference? I actually REALLY loved the pastel version. It reminds me of ice cream for some reason!  But the idea is that you can see really stellar designs on others and maybe not be in love with one part or the other, but transform it into something that is unique and wearable for you!  This mani was painfully easy as well. I started by polishing with butterLONDON Fiver, then added a stripe of Cuppa and another of Kerfuffle.  You COULD use tape for the stripes but I didn't bother. Then I topcoated, stamped with Orly Luxe and topcoated to finish. Easy, pretty and still a LITTLE wild. ;)
So who's look am I wearing?

None other than singer Jessie J!  Jessie is known for her sort of out there style so stiletto primary colored nails with leopard is no big deal for her!  Which look do you prefer?

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