Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge: Jelly Sandwich

4:29 PM

It's Friday!! So you know what that means! Time for another Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge! This weeks challenge was chosen by Emma, and it will be the last Friday challenge until January since we're working our way through the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge! :)  

The theme for this week was: Jelly Sandwich

I was really excited for this one because jellies are one of my favorite finishes.  I had a ton to choose from but I decided to use a new one that my husband picked up for me recently.  It was a bit sheer on it's own, as jellies tend to be, so I layered it over another jelly with a bit more finish before I made the sandwich.  I think it came out pretty nice!! I actually have a few of the Deborah Lippmann's which are intended to create this jelly sandwich like effect (think Glitter In The Air, Across The Universe...etc.) and I think this came out as great if not better than the Lippmann's.  I love the way the glitter looks suspended between the layers and also the way it's sort of muted but still glittery. :)  

Enjoy and thanks for following! Have you ever made a jelly sandwich?

Don't forget to check out what Debbie, Claire, Kerrie, and Emma came up with for their jelly sandwich mani's!
Base is: Essie Like Linen
Jelly sandwich made with: Essie Main Squeeze and NYC Starry Silver

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  1. I might have to make a confetti cake this weekend because this mani makes me hungry!

  2. this is cute! somehow it reminds me of cheerleaders' pompoms. haha

  3. I LOVE this!! I've never had nails done before. But I really want to. And I'm so interested to learn to be a nail tech. Having troubles finding a school near me though. But I'm determined.

    This look so awesome.

    Would you consider doing a video of your jelly sandwich? My daughter and I would love to see how its done.

    Blessings ~ Julie ~


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