31 Days of Christmas: Lazy Nails

11:13 AM

I can't believe Christmas is already over!! It came and went so quickly this year I didn't even have much time to enjoy it. I spent most of Christmas and Christmas Eve at my parents house and I ended up playing all manner of silly games with my niece! She also got a Dippin Dots maker AND a Blizzard maker from my brother and we got to make a complete mess making ice cream and soda dots. Whoever decided an ice cream maker for children should require you to turn the cream for 10 FULL minutes was clearly not using their head. So guess who ended up churning cream for forever? Lol...but I digress. Here are my lazy day nails for the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge. I used Orly Ma Cherie for the base on the red nails and Deborah Lippmann Do Ya Think I'm Sexy for the glitter. The gold nail is Barry M Gold Foil with Milani Gems in Gold over the top. They got quite a few compliments for being so simple! Thanks for following!  I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

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  1. so simple yet sooooo effective xx

  2. im glad you had a great time. I also think that Christmas went by so fast. I love tha manicure! :) hugs*

  3. Love that glitter! No one ever really thinks when they make toys for kids. HA ha they know someone will finish it!

  4. It's so true! Those kids toys always require more effort than any child will put into them! lol


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