31 Days of Christmas: Snow Flakes

4:51 PM

So it's day eight of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means today we're doing snowflake nails! I was a bit worried about this one because my last snowflake nails didn't come out too hot!  but this time I decided to go for something a little more subtle.  I also felt it looked a little vintage because of the colors!  I wasn't entirely happy with the snowflakes but it was pretty and sparkly on my nails and that's what counts! These also kind of remind me of the paper snowflakes I used to make as a child. I love snow! I really can't wait for lots of it! :)

Enjoy and thanks for following!  Have you ever made paper snowflakes?

Base is: China Glaze Sea Spray
Glitter is: Orly Winter Wonderland
Snowflakes done with white LA nail art pen and generic holographic glitter nail art pen.

**Side note: My auto-post didn't work for this one (shocker, I know) so I aplogize for the day late posting!)**

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