31 Days of Christmas: Most Festive Red

7:32 PM

I've had a super busy week, so I apologize for this one going up late.  Wish I could blame it on blogger being stupid but this time, it's my own fault!! This is day 10 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and the task is to use your most festive red polish. I went back and forth a bit on this one.  I started out thinking I'd use Color Club's Santa's Cinnamon.  Then I decided I'd go with Barry M Red Glitter instead.  Then this gorgeous Deborah Lippmann caught my eye.  It's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy and I must admit...I do.  I LOVE this red glitter.  It's like a disco ball on your nails.  Wicked sparkly and unlike any other glitter I own!  So you can see why I decided to use it!

Enjoy and thanks for following! What's the most festive red in your collection?

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  1. Yes.. I also think this is SO SEXY! Wow, it's definitely stunning!

  2. My husband gifted me this one! He's got good taste! :)


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