31 Days of Christmas: Nativity

5:52 AM

So it's Day 20 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and today's theme is The Nativity.  I was a little bit freaking out about this one.  I am NOT good at drawing faces or people (unless stick figures count!)  so I knew that even attempting to put the actual nativity on my nails would be a hot mess.  And seriously, who wants to be the person who made baby Jesus look a mess? Not me.  So I decided to go with a more abstract version of the Nativity.  Obviously some aspects of it are missing but I think I covered the important parts.  Just in case my art is TOO abstract, I'll break it down for you!  The thumb is the manger.  No baby Jesus can be seen but I used gold to represent hay and also possibly the sort of 'glow' he seems to have in certain depictions.  The index is meant to represent Mary.  In all the nativity I've seen she always has a white under gown, white head piece and blue cloak on.  The middle is representative of Joseph so it's his cane.  The ring finger is the star and the pinky is a sheep.  I know what you're thinking...wouldn't an angel have been a better choice than the sheep?  And you're probably right.  But I love sheep and let's face it, they're cuter than angels any day of the week! :P

Enjoy and thanks for following!

Colors are:
Thumb: Models Own Concrete Mixer, China Glaze Ingrid, Catrice In the Bronx, and Orly Luxe
Index: Ulta Snow White and China Glaze Aqua Baby
Middle: Essie Sand Tropez, China Glaze Ingrid, and Catrice In the Bronx
Ring: Orly Stone Cold, MFL Space Lift,and butterLONDON Diamond Geezer
Pinky: China Glaze Recycle, Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black, and Ulta Snow White

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