Nail Mail Win!!

9:55 AM

Recently I've been doing a lot of swapping.  I mean...A LOT.  The thing is, all the polishes I have access to I either already have or I don't really care for.  And it seems like companies just keep making the same polishes over and over again.  Lame.  So I've been enlisting the help of some amazing polish pals like Debbie and Claire to get my hands on some UK brands.  One of my favorite UK polish brands is Barry M.  Ever since I got my first three I just need to have them ALL.  And awhile back the amazing Debbie made my Barry M dreams come true when she snagged a bunch of them for a deal and offered them up to her fellow polish addicts!  Over the course of a week or so we ended up throwing a few more polishes on the list and then about a week ago I finally received the box from her.  It was EPIC.  Above is the box when I first opened it.  Already you can see that it's PACKED with polishes.  There were about 10 that we had agreed on her sending...and this is what was in the box:

Eighteen glorious polishes!!  The bottom two rows are the ones I knew were coming.  From left to right top row we have: Barry M Gold Foil, Coral, Cyan Blue, and Essence Chuck and Blair. Bottom row is a Franken Debbie made called TheAdorable Emma (named after fellow blogger Emma!), Barry M Blue Moon, Pink Flamingo, Models Own Aqua Violet, Barry M Dusky Mauve and Green Glitter. The top row was a COMPLETE surprise to me!! And it's all gorgeous.  Left to right we have: Sally Hansen Chrome in Royal Purple, Rimmel Millenium and Pop Idol, A Boots Mini from the Strictly Come Dancing Set called Sparkle, Sally Hansen Color Fast in Magic Frost, Essence African Queens in Zanzibar Fever, and Barry M Once Upon a Time (something I've been lemming like MAD forever!).  Epic swap!  :)  I would have taken more pictures but I was so eager to start playing with these that I pretty much immediately started swatching them one nail at a time!! Thanks so much Debbie!! (More nail mail wins to come from Claire, who sent me the SWEETEST Christmas swap package!!)

Have you ever gotten amazing nail mail? 

PS: Aoife loved the swap package too...she was so excited to get those peanuts out of there!!

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