31 Days of Christmas: Christmas Wrapping

7:43 PM

So it's day 11 of the 31 Days of Christmas Challenge and that means it's time for Christmas wrapping! I'm not going to even sugar coat it: this challenge was SUPER hard for me.  I wanted to make little presents out of my nails but no matter how many ways I tried it I hated the results.  I don't know why but the sight of little bows and ribbons on my nails just drove me to madness.  I went through my polish collection over and over and over and couldn't find any colors I wanted to use and it just seemed that everything I tried was a proper mess.  Then some wrapping caught my eye.  A few years back one of my local retailers discontinued Martha Stewart wrapping paper and, like the good little Martha lover I am, I snatched up a ton of it and have been storing it in my closet so that I can keep using it into infinity.  People in my family will probably still be getting Martha wrapped presents when I'm 80.  She had a winter wonderland-ish theme to some of her paper and it has a beautiful light blue and silver theme.  So I decided to take a more simple route and just do the paper rather than actual wrapped presents!

Enjoy and thanks for following! What's your favorite Christmas wrapping?

Base on all nails but accent is: Models Own Blue Moon with a single coat of OPI DS Sapphire over it.
Accent nail is; Make Up Store Greta
Stamped white konad polish on all nails with BM plate 222.

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