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Today is my last day of vacation at home!! Tomorrow I will be headed to a bunch of places (we're doing a mini-vacation in a few places!) so I thought I'd post some nails to tide you over :P  I have a couple of things set to auto-upload but if I know blogger...and I DO know blogger...they'll never actually post.  I'll be back Sunday with new and exciting things!  These nails were inspired by a Missoni for Target dress I snagged a few weeks back (when they actually still had them!).  It's also my first frankened polish because out of all the nail polish I own it seems I don't have one rusty orangy redish one. :P  The polish on the thumb is the franken.  It was actually pretty fun mixing the colors together so it's possible more frankening is in my future.  Stash photos are to come at some point this week and it's out. of. control.  After spending HOURS swatching and numbering and organizing (I'm still not done) I've decided to cut back on the polish buying for awhile. There are a few on my wishlist but nothing serious. :)  Today I've also reached 100 followers!! So I just want to give a HUGE thank you to my followers, new and old, I love sharing with you and I've learned a lot from your feedback. :)  I haven't decided if I'll do a giveaway or not for several reasons.  The most important is that I started this blog for myself to have a place to post my passion and see how I'm improving.  I'm so excited and happy to share it with people who are passionate about the same thing and I'd like to think that you're all following along because you feel the same.  I hate the idea that someone is following me just to win something free and not because they really enjoy what I'm doing.  It's also just a really big hassle to get a giveaway together and get it shipped out.  I have A LOT of swapping going on right now and it's getting overwhelming.  And the final reason is that I've learned recently that there may be legal implications to having a giveaway.  So I'm still thinking it over and I'll let all of you know what I decide.  But thank you anyway for following along with me.  I really appreciate having you along for the ride! :)

*Side note: I've added a Blog Sale tab to my page.  If you could check it out and see if anything catches your eye that would be great. I'm trying to clear out some polish I don't use and I'd love for it to go to some polish lovers like yourselves! :)*

Base on all nails: Essie Sand Tropez
Zig Zags are:
Models Own: BlooBloo
butterLONDON: Jaffa
China Glaze: Lemon Fizz
Hard Candy The End mixed with Orly Prince Charming
Franken: Dusty Rose

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  1. I don't think a blog requires to have giveaways. I feel like soo much time would have to be put into it, and for what? I like your blog for what it is, not for giveaways :)

  2. Thanks so much Julie!! :) I never follow a blog for free things, but if they're having a giveaway and I like the blog I'll follow and enter. I've heard so many girls get upset when people follow and then don't win and unfollow. Or their giveaway items are lost or damaged or whatnot. I don't have anything against them I just don't know that I want to do it for my own blog.


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