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There's nothing quite like new polish...except maybe FREE polish. :)  Recently, I was complaining about wanting some magnetic polishes and a friend was nice enough to send me some freebies in the mail. (You can purchase these now at for $16).  This particular one is by Nails Inc. and these things are AMAZING. This is literally my very first try at using them that you see in the picture above.  I've heard of people having problems with touching the magnet with their polish but I didn't have that problem at all.  There is a lip on the magnet (which is on the cap) on the Nails Inc. brand which makes it fairly easy to position them.  And the design shows up in seconds.  All the directions on these is in French for some reason (this is a London based company) and lucky I speak some French so I was able to figure it out mostly.  Later, I found a great video on the Nails Inc website which should help you if you don't!  But it's pretty simple really. Paint on a thin coat, let it dry, paint on a thicker coat, position the magnet, hold for a few seconds and voila! Instant nail art!  The photo does this no justice because as you move your hand the polish moves too and at times it almost looks 3D.  Really amazing. Really easy.  Anyone can do this.  One thing I did learn is that if you position the magnet wrong don't try to move it.  It will just drag the design and make your whole nail dark.  Also the effect was much more noticeable on the grey color (Trafalgar Square) and it's more wavy on wider nails.  Still easy enough that anyone could pull it off.  :) Enjoy and thanks again for following!

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