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Ok. So ONE more Halloween mani!!  Last night I was kind of bored and I remembered that I had some Halloween polish I hadn't used yet--well--not Halloween persay, but creepy!!  A few weeks back someone mentioned that you could snag the Essie Morticia's Nails set for only $10.  Where I live, ONE Essie will run you $8 so three for the price of one is a steal in my book.  I even got free shipping!  They arrived awhile back and I put them in my drawer and kind of forgot about them.  Until last night.  I was watching The Simpson's annual Treehouse of Horrors with my husband and got inspired to do ONE last Halloween mani.  I keep seeing these blood drips popping up (mostly from fans of True Blood) and I thought it would be a quick easy mani I could do for today.  And it was!  One thing I love about the Morticia's Nail's set is that all the polishes inside are jelly finish.  So while I had to use a bit more red to get a more opaque look, it was also more blood-like since blood is not really opaque.  I'm taking these off tonight before I trick or treat with my neices since I'm going as a Poke-girl (pics to come!) but they're fun for the day!! Enjoy and have a wonderful Halloween!! :)

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