Week of San-X: Mamegoma

8:14 AM

Mamegoma are a bunch of little seal characters. They're so small that they actually live in a fish bowl with ice cubes!  Mamagoma is one of my favorite San-X characters and I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a new Mamegoma bento box this year!!  Besides being small and super cute, Mamegoma is also super easy to do as nail art. Although I used a TON of colors on this mani!  I think he came out rather well. :)  Enjoy and thanks so much for following!!

Base coat: Ulta Snow White and two coats of Orly Honeymoon in Style
Dots: Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream and Berry Ice Cream, Nicole by OPI Dandylion
Mamegoma: Ulta Snow White, Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Berry Ice Cream, LA Nail Art Black, Nicole by OPI Dandylion

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