You smell like a baby prostitute

8:48 AM

Ever since I learned how to make these little 'hollow' flowers I've been in love. :)  They're SO easy to do and they look really fancy on your nails.  I got four new polishes in the butterLONDON buy one get one event at Ulta so I just used my new colors to make an easy pink mani. :) Enjoy and thanks for following!

Base coat: butterLONDON Toff
Flowers: butterLONDON Teddy Girl and Cheeky Chops
Accent Nail: Base buterLONDON Teddy Girl.
Flowers: butterLONDON Toff, Cheeky Chops

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  1. i like this!! how do you make the hollow flowers?

  2. looks cool... how do u like butter london Cheeky Chops alone???

  3. Selene and Theia -- I'll try to do a tutorial soon but basically you just make dots and drag the centers. SUPER easy!

    PolishAMOR-- I haven't used it alone yet!! I always hate yellows on my nails but when I get around to using it as a base I'll definitely let you know! It's a lovely color. :)

  4. I like Teddy Girl!Your title made me LMAO!

  5. lol Thalie I try to use quotes from the Mean Girls movie every week. I love this one! :P


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