Blue Monday

8:16 AM

I've recently learned that there's a group of people participating in a challenge called Blue Monday.  It's basically the same theory as Pink Wednesdays, though I'm not sure where the inspiration comes from.  I'm certainly not going to commit to wearing  blue on Mondays because while I have a TON of blue in my collection, being tied down to certain colors two days a week would make doing my nails more challenging than I care for.  However, the challenge today on the Facebook group I'm a part of was blue on blue nails.  So for today, I'm participating in Blue Monday!! I hope you all enjoy the nails :)  And in more exciting news...THE WEEK OF SAN-X IS FINALLY HERE!!! Woohoo!! So, with the exception of today's Blue Monday and Pink Wednesday, there will be a new San-X character on my nails everyday this week!  :)  It's a difficult challenge for me because I don't do a lot of free handing outside the realm of flowers and the standard dots/lines/hearts.  So I hope you all enjoy the journey! :P  Thanks again for following!

All colors this week are Model's Own.
Base: Feelin' Blue
Dots: Prussian Blue and Beth's Blue

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