Fancy a bit of tea and polish?

9:12 PM

I recently did a polish swap with Debbie over at The Crumpet.
 I sent her some of the Milani 3D's and in return I got some of the lovely OPI Muppets polishes.  OPI are not particularly difficult to come by where I live, but it's always more fun to get things in swaps, isn't it?  I've gotten pretty into swapping recently and I've recieved a number of interesting and exciting things in my swap packages.  I'm always curious to see what other people will send because it gives me ideas of what to send others.  But wow.  Debbie really stepped up her game on this swap.  As soon as I opened it I noticed a familiar and lovely aroma.  Tea.  Not just ANY tea either.  Multiple types of tea.  Including my most favorite standard tea...PG Tips.  PG Tips tea puts Lipton tea to shame.  But it's SO hard to find around here.  Although some of my local groceries have started carrying it, it's also fairly expensive.  So you can imagine my surprise and excitement to recieve some in the mail!!  There were also some peppermint tea bags and some spiced apple ones.  It's actually quite amusing to receive tea this week as I've had a sore throat for awhile and I've been drinking more tea than usual.  Tonight I needed to edit about a hundred pictures for my various blogs and I also have a lot of cleaning to do following a busy week.  So I thought I'd sit down with some pretty polish and a nice, hot, cup of Spiced Apple tea.  :) So yummy. 

And because she can never keep out of know who had to poke her fat little nose into my tea.  She particularly enjoyed the peppermint bags. :P

Thanks for following! What kinds of things do you like to receive in swaps?

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  1. lol - love her xx next time she can have her own little teabag :) xxxx

  2. Aww she is gorgeous! love the tea idea... My fiancé and I brought tea out to a guy we met in Turkey one time lol


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