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9:55 AM

It's time for another Project Runway design!!  I don't know what it is about this season but I'm just really uninspired by it.  This week was a real downer.  Andrea left in the night which I think was just SO shady.  Not that I don't think Raul should have gone home but if she knew she wanted to leave then why throw a royal fit on the runway to try to save herself when Chris pointed out that she was ambivalent at the last runway?  And then on top of Andrea leaving like a coward, Kooan decided to bounce too. :(  I knew Kooan wasn't going to be the winner of this season, his aesthetic is really not very mainstream, but I enjoyed what his personality added to the workroom.  Sadder still is that Buffi went home.  Now, I knew again that Buffi was not destined to be the winner of this season.  But I didn't think in the scheme of things her look was THAT bad.  And aside from that she was so bubbly and upbeat.  Now everyone there has the personality of a wet rag.  ARGHHH!!  So this runway was a challenge for me.  Everything was black and white or grey.  I'm sorry but as a woman who does work and who does have a social life there is not one thing that walked that runway that I'd be comfortable working in all day and then going out at night in. Sonjia's winning dress looked like her model had a saggy third boob.  And don't even get me started on Elena's look.  Her model looked MASSIVE.  No thank you.  I instead chose to base my design this week on the pattern that Fabio used for his dress.  

The look wasn't awful although the proportions were off and it was seriously commercial....but at least the pattern gave you something to look at!  Did any of you watch this episode?  What was your favorite and least favorite look?

Don't forget to check Jewli and Emma's blogs to see what they came up with for this week's challenge!

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  1. Nice Blog

  2. Love the show and love this idea!! I'm a few episodes behind and need to catch up!!


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