Welcome back (or not) to the runway...

7:00 AM

Well this week's Project Runway challenge was certainly interesting.  It didn't really give me any new favorites: I still love Buffi and Christopher, but it did put new perspective on some other contestants.  What the heck was going on with Elena?! And Andrea with her whole "I'd feel relieved to go home" spiel...then goes on to tell Christopher he's being 'demeaning' when he points out that she doesn't care to be there on the runway. Grrr...I hate it when people play games like that.  At the end of the day, I felt like Buffi and Elena REALLY worked it out.  Their dress was one of my favorites and I was really stressing how it would come out.  I hated Dmitry and Melissa's look yet the web was buzzing with people who felt it was short changed.  It looked like a weird chiffon sweatshirt over a nice dress.  Just. Odd.  I was also in love with Kenley's dress even though, let's face it; I hate Kenley.  I do love her style! I did think Irina's dress was lovely on her even though I was reminded that she's a total beyotch.  I was feeling kind of smug when her dress got into the top after she said she was embarrassed to walk in it and bad mouthed the sewing skills of the designers. And even though Gunnar is a total Christian Siriano wannabe...I was hoping he'd win.  So that brings us to the design I chose to do for my nails.  I was rather unimpressed by most of what went down the runway this week.  Things were too simple for my taste or too cliche.  But I was surprised by Nathan and Sonjia's dress for Valerie. I felt like it was too much for Valerie's frame and it made her look too old and heavy BUT I think a statuesque young actress could ROCK this thing.  I could see someone like Miley Cyrus just bringing this thing to life. I love the glitter and the gold and the tiny hints of shimmery chiffon in the sleeves.  Fabulous.  So I chose to do my nail design based on their design.  It wasn't the winner. It wasn't the loser. But in my  book...it was the one with the most pizzazz!  Which look was your favorite for this week? Did this episode change your opinion of who will win?

Don't forget you can see full sized pictures of my art for these challenges on my Facebook page! You can also check out Jewli and Emma's blogs to see what they came up with for this week's challenge!

Colors used: Deborah Lippmann Believe, Tokidoki Savanna, NYX Gold Glitter

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  1. Gorgeous nails! Love the gold glitter accents on there =)


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