Week of San-X: Rilakkuma

7:20 AM

Rilakkuma is a toy bear who likes relaxing, sleeping, listening to music, and soaking in hot springs. Sounds like the life, no? His favorite foods are dango, pancakes, omurice and custard pudding.  Some of you hard core Rilakkuma fans might have noticed that in fact, this is Korilakkuma, the female friend of Rilakkuma.  I intended to do Rilakkuma's face on my thumb and somehow I never got around to it!  I also somehow forgot to do the outline on her mouth. :/ In any event the nails were still a hit! I got a lot of compliments on them and they're probably the easiest design I've done yet.  Just a few dots and two lines! I hope you enjoy them and thanks so much for following! :)

Base on all nails but accent is Barry M Mushroom
Base on accent nail is Essie Sand Tropez. 
Button is butterLONDON Saucy Jack and Ulta Snow White
Eyes, nose and mouth are China Glaze Ingrid
Top coat is Seche Vite

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