Hello Vuitton

5:00 AM

I recently picked up a whole load of new Butter London pretties...in fact I added nine to my collection in about two days. :/ Oops!! If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen them but in case you haven't, my original haul include these:

Stroppy, Fash Pack, Chuffed, Silly Billy, Lolly, Teetotal, Cream Tea, Royal Navy and Wellies. Gorgeous shades all of them.  But then later I was itching to go back and snag some more!! So I did!!

The thing is...when you have so many it's hard to keep track!! So I ended up with some extras! :/ Oops! You can capitalize on my mistakes though, cause I threw the extra's into my blog sale! ;P  In any event I've been wanting to use them so today I decided to try out Teetotal. It's basically just a really pretty brown and even though I love it on my nails I thought it could use some flare.

So I jazzed it up with some gold stamping!  It's the perfect shade for this Louis Vuitton/ Hello Kitty mash up!  I matted it at first but it really dulled the gold so I decided to leave it shiny.  I also switched up my top coat on this one...I normally swear by Seche Vite but I'm running low so I've been using my Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed top coat lately and I am IN LOVE. It's still super shiny, slightly thick and it dries WICKED fast. Like faster than the Seche even.  I might have an expensive addiction on my hands!! I hope you enjoyed these nails! :) Thanks for following!

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