Funky Fingers Anna

5:00 AM

Last but not least on the Funky Fingers Frozen polishes line up we have Anna!  I expected to like Anna the least of the three (just not huge on multi glitters) but I actually really liked her!  She has the same white hexes and snowflakes as Elsa and Olaf BUT she also has purple and blue hexes and blue snowflakes.  The blue snowflakes were a total surprise to me. One just happened to land on my index finger and I then of course I had to look for more!

I've swatched her here over Butter London Sozzled.  I think the combination is pretty spectacular!  Really in love with all three of these.  If you can snag them I highly recommend it! Which is your favorite? Elsa, Anna or Olaf?

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  1. Love this, looks great over that Butter London!


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