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Today I have some fun gradient nails for you!  I wanted to try out something new and this seemed like a good plan!  I will say it didn't come out the way I had imagined it but I really loved the final result.  The even better part is that it took me about ten minutes to do these, start to finish. I do use a fast dry topcoat and that helps, but even without it this is a quick mani AND it's also an easy way to spruce up an older one that might have some tip wear.  

I started out with two coats of Butter London Fiver, a light minty green.  Then I applied my top coat, let it dry and finally, sponged on some China Glaze Black Mesh.  Then I applied a matte top coat over everything. I really liked the shiny/matte effect that it had before I topcoated at the end. BUT having no top coat on matte nail tips really seemed like a bad plan since I type all day.  That said since I went with a matte top coat instead of a shiny one...they lasted a few days that way! So next time I think I'd just leave the base shiny and the crackle matte.  I hope you enjoy them and thanks for following along! :)

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  1. Your nails look amazing! I love this idea! I must try it!

  2. That is AWESOME! I never, ever would have thought to use crackle like that! Makes me wonder if there are other things you can do with it...

  3. So incredibly cute and creative!! I love this refreshing way to wear crackle :D


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