Zoya Naturel Deux Part One...

9:56 AM

Today I have some swatches of Zoya's new Naturel Deuz collection.  It's a collection of six polishes; three are a neutral brown tone and three are a neutral rose tone.  I LOVE neutral polishes so I was really excited to get these.  They don't disappoint!  While all the colors didn't really work on my skin tone as well as I'd hoped I think all in all it's a great collection. These are all two coats and while they do dry shiny and smooth, I have used my Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed topcoat for these swatches. I honestly think that for most of them you could actually get away with one medium thick coat BUT I used two thin instead.  So the first round today will be the brown tones.  I recall when looking at them they're sort of toned as caramel, coffee, and milk chocolate. The above is Spencer and it's a creamy caramel or cappuccino tone.

It's light but warm and really flattering.  It's really great for a muted manicure (like an office type setting!) and I can see it being a really nice color for fall.  The other nice thing about these shades is that you could easily pair it up with other colors from your collection.  Next we'll move on to what I think is a milk chocolate shade and what Zoya calls toasted almond; Chanelle.  Here's a comparison for you of Spencer and Chenelle:

You can see that it's noticeable darker than Spencer, but still has that nice warm tone to it.  Again this is two coats but I really think, especially with Chanelle and Emilia that one coat could be plenty.

Still super shiny and smooth and incredibly easy to apply.  These seemed a little thinner than my other polishes but they applied like a dream. I think this was my least favorite of the browns just because it didn't seem to flatter my skin as much but it's a nice color for fall if you have the right skin tone!

Here's a comparison of Chanelle and Emilia.  Emilia turned out to be my favorite of the brown tones! It's a deep chocolate brown which reminded me of a nice dark coffee!!  I used one coat of Emilia for this particular shot because I wanted to demonstrate the incredible opacity of these.  You can see a LITTLE baldness on my middle finger at the base but over all it's pretty nice coverage for a cream.  

Here she is with two coats.  Such a gorgeous color! I like that it's deep but still quite warm.  Again no issues with application. These all went on super smoothly and dried to a nice shiny finish (they are top coated in these swatches!).  I think Emilia was my favorite this round! What about you? Which shades will you be picking up?

***These colors were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion.***

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