Funky Fingers Olaf

12:48 PM

You may have heard by now that Funky Fingers, a US brand carried at Five Below stores, has come out with a little polish collection inspired by Disney's Frozen.  The line consists of three glitter polishes: Olaf, Anna and Elsa.  They have quite a bit in common in that they are all top coat glitters with snowflake shapes and small and large hexagons.  However, they do differ in color.  So today I have Olaf for you.  Olaf is white glitter with tiny holographic shimmer throughout.  I have swatched him over Butter London Airy Fairy and I think the combo is fabulous!

This is two coats of Olaf and before you ask, yes, like most shape glitter polishes, you DO have to fish a little for the snowflake glitters if you want them on every nail.  For Olaf I just let them come off the brush naturally and as you can see with five nails and two coats each I managed two snowflakes.  For Anna and Elsa (coming this week!) I fished the snowflakes out instead so that each nail would have one! :) 

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  1. I kinda need these Frozen polishes, this one looks fab!

  2. I loved Frozen! This looks really cool :)


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